Howard Hamlin – World 505 and 18-foot skiff champion:
“I am very critical of how a boat should function, usually I step off any boat, including mine, with a list of things to change; but not on yours. I hope sailors discover what a great boat the R33 is.”

Pete Melvin – A-Class Cat, America’s Cup and boat designer:
“Had wind from every direction in the race. Our boat was flawless. We raced it on its maiden voyage and nothing needed to be fixed after sailing for 200+ miles. Reynolds Design did a great job prepping our boat.”

Charlie Ogletree – Olympic, America’s Cup and Tornado Champion:
“My first sail on the R33 was pure fun! It was like sailing my A-Cat, but with my friends along to share the fun. The boat was incredibly responsive, powerful and easy to sail. Reynolds Design have done a great job!”